Recognizing The Female Sociopath

Scary female in clown makeup
Beware — this is a serious issue, especially when children are involved. Young men, specifically those in mid-20’s are especially at risk. Keep in mind, THERE IS NO CURE, NO TREATMENT, AND NO DRUGS TO FIX THIS. NONE.

The blog over at Sociopath Hell has a number of great articles. One that jumped out at me is Female Sociopath.

In her post, she describes how most statistics regarding Sociopaths and the breakdown of male vs female are, at best, guesses. She goes on to cover the traits and signs of what might be described as a “typical Sociopath” in female form. Considering my own experience, I think she is pretty darn close. I happened to share the link to her post with several people, most of whom do not know each other. However, every single one came back with a comment along the lines of the post describing a certain individual we had in common. One even asked me if it was written specifically about this woman.

Here are a few highlights from the article. I would love to give more credit, but could not locate such information on the blog. Justifiably, based on her posts, she chooses to remain anonymous.>

“Female Sociopaths are mentally and emotionally destructive liar’s, cheaters & deceivers, etc. They are extremely self-centered, and she is always right! Some female sociopaths may be unable to care for their children, providing the unconditional love and nurturing. Her children are just another ‘object’ to be used…”

“The children are often used as a supply source for her.”

“Female Sociopath[s]…are also very sexually promiscuous.”

“…they use this as one of the many manipulation tools to attract her next victim, she will use sex to her advantage, unbeknownst to the male. She will appear sympathetic, caring, concerned and display all the empathy/sympathy emotions, when in all reality she is pulling you in closer to keep the control for personal gain.”

I would add a few additional items or elaborate a bit further on some. On the topic of children, not only are they a supply source for her and her attention-whoring needs, they are trophies of their conquest over the father(s). They are also used as tools in her manipulations. She will often portray herself to be the perfect mother, yet the truth is so far from it that the behind-closed-doors neglect is sometimes criminal.

Another trait is trophy collecting. When committing adultery or conquering a new victim, the female sociopath will often take or keep something. Usually, only she knows the significance of the object. It might be a piece of jewelry, a baseball cap, sunglasses, clothing, or an otherwise meaningless curio. But she will wear or display it around her current spouse/mate as a way of showing herself how superior she is and in control that she can have this memento of another victory right in front of her partner. In a case I am familiar with, the female even had many “couples” and “family” photos taken and posted online wearing the baseball cap or sunglasses of another victim she had a torrid and long affair with.


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