The Red Flags of a Psychopath

Photo by Rutger van Waveren

“You’ll believe it’s the best thing that ever happened to you, so you won’t even suspect you’re being played.” If you know someone that is in a bad relationship yet says this anyway, that is a HUGE warning sign that they are already in the clutches of a Sociopath/Psychopath. [Note: Sociopaths and Psychopaths are mostly an artificial distinction, they are essentially the same in many ways, though science continues to identify traits that may eventually lead to them being separate diagnoses.]

I have heard privately from so many people in the last week about these posts. People have said that the articles read like the biography of someone they know, fitting them perfectly. Most of the people don’t know each other, yet still point at the same person. It is sad that their victim(s) still cannot see it. It is sadder yet that young children are involved.

This is FACT, not fiction. No matter how much the victim wants to ignore it, deny it, pretend it isn’t true, it doesn’t change reality. Ignoring it doesn’t make you better or in a good place, it makes people shake their heads in disbelief and puts innocents (e.g. children) at risk. THERE IS NO FIXING IT except to remove the victim and any innocent people, such as children or the elderly they may care for.

Sadly, many victims of Sociopaths will ignore all facts, evidence, all advice, all friends, and all family as they are totally taken in by the Sociopath, who has twisted their minds to think that they can only be happy with them.

Adelyn Birch writes an excellent blog over at Psychopaths and Love. Her post concerning the Red Flags of a Psychopath are spot-on and well worth reading. I encourage you to visit the site and check out her other posts. Here is a particularly important and relevant excerpt from The Red Flags of a Psychopath.

“The manipulator will saturate you in as many ways possible with love and adoration, so you don’t have a moment to come up for air. There will be many verbal declarations of appreciation and of their feelings about you and all your wonderful qualities, and amazement at all the things you have in common or at how lucky you both are to have found each other.”


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