It is NOT about a specific individual

Silhouettes of people

I received some feedback recently that was a bit unsettling, so I want to clear up the misunderstanding. The posts on this blog are not about a single person or individual. They are about the traits, methods, and dangers that Sociopaths present and how they can control and ruin your life or those you know or care about. It is about recognizing the problem and getting help. It is about helping those who cannot see it for themselves. The Sociopath or victims can be almost anyone. To date, there is indeed some focus on female sociopaths. That is because I find them inherently more dangerous as they are often the caregivers in a family situation while also being the most underestimated and least acknowledged. Their victims are usually men, who are predisposed to not come forward as society will often view it as a sign of weakness.

When I undertook my initial research, I found the Blog-o-sphere was full of posts and articles on the subject. However, not all were useful or based on professional research and experience. After discussing it with an acquaintance that is a well-known mental health professional, I made a decision. I was going to go through the materials I find, vet them for being based on an appropriate level of research or experience-based background, and then recap or combine them into something more easily found and digestible. In each post on this blog, you will find links back to the original material. I have added no new points or information as I am not a mental-health or medical professional, although I have sometimes used different phrases or words to add clarity in places. I do have 10+ years in an organization that does provide such services, so I am well-informed.

So, let me say this one more time so it is perfectly clear.

These posts are not about one specific person.

As you read the posts, if you do have someone specific come to mind, someone you know that may perfectly fit into what you have read, then in all likelihood that person is indeed a Sociopath as the Duck Test of adbuctive reasoning shows.

If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.

In that situation,  this blog has served its main purpose in helping you identify that. But remember that you cannot diagnose someone from merely reading blog posts. It is up to a competent and knowledgeable mental health professional with the education and background to do it properly.


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