Could Your Partner Be a Sociopath?

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 1.45.55 PM.pngDonna Anderson, author of the book “Love Fraud: How marriage to a sociopath fulfilled my spiritual plan“, appeared on the Doctor Paul show in March of 2011 to discuss her book and 10 traits that could signal that your partner is a sociopathic predator.

Donna is also the host of the excellent Web site, where she has collected and published a wealth of good information concerning Sociopath’s, how they victimize, and how to break away and recover from the abuse they put their partners through.

Here is the interview:


Getting Help for Emotional Abuse

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Emotional and psychological abuse is a serious issue. Many men, especially some in the military or law enforcement, may not even recognize they are victims of their spouse’s abuse. This happens often when kids are involved and they are frequently used as the pawns that One spouse will use against the other. Men are the most common victims but are often afraid or resistant to admit it due to social stigmas.

It is common for the female abuser to be a serial adulterer, financially irresponsible, negligent in the home and with the kids, and usually non-working (as they manipulate the spouse so they can live an easier life). Frequently, there will be threats of hurting themselves and possibly even failed attempts. These are used to further manipulate the victim into a position of vulnerability.

As research has shown, the abuser is generally a Sociopath. There is no cure for this; no treatments or drugs can help.

Over at the LeavingAbuse blog, they have a wealth of information for people who may be victims of physical or emotional abuse. Their Emotional Abuse Help Guide is especially informative and deserves your attention.

Here are some important points they cover in the Help Guide:

  • Emotional abuse (also called psychological abuse) is all too often seen as less important or less serious than physical abuse.
  • Emotional abusers frequently use their abuse to isolate the victim from family and friends, the effects of the abuse deepen as the support network disappears.
  • A child who has been emotionally abused or seen another family member abused is at greater risk of being a victim of emotional abuse in later life.
  • Emotional abuse is about one person trying to control another.
  • Men can be the victims of emotional abuse just as can women.
  • Emotional abuse can have serious, long term effects.
  • Emotional abuse attacks and destroys a person’s self confidence and core beliefs.

If you even suspect that you, or someone you know, is a victim of emotional abuse, you owe it to yourself and them to read and share this Emotional Abuse Help Guide.